Initiatives’ facilitator
in the workplace

Tsoh Activities

1st collaborative platform to share leisure activities between employees

Tsoh Activities allows each employee of your company to suggest or join spontaneously leisure activities, and this exclusively between employees.

This solution boosts the creativity and performance of your employees by enabling them to share the values of openness, collaboration and conviviality around fun activities and thus create team spirit. Activities* are sports, cultural, festive, artistic, collaborative, voluntary and all of those you can think of.

* The list of available activities is reviewed and validated by the company.

Reinforce the cohesion of your employees

Develop your employer brand

Enhance employees’ soft skills

Improve wellbeing at work

Boost the performance of your company

Join an activity

Navigate easily through the activities suggested by employees and join the ones you like

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Suggest an activity

Suggest an activity within few clicks:

  • Select an activity
  • Choose the place
  • Indicate how many employees can join
  • Set the time and length
  • Add a quick comment

Rate an activity

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Founding Member of the HappyTech

Bringing together those commited to the welfare of employees is a key objective of Tsoh Activities - founders. An ambition made possible with the creation of a collective of startups dedicated to well - being at work whose aim is to help those in new positions such as the Chief Happiness Officers (CHO) to structure their work by offering concrete solutions.